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Value Proposition

Think of us as a supplement to traditional equity research. Our interest is in companies that are not always covered by large financial institutions or mainstream media.


We specialize in providing an in-depth view by looking at both their milestones and trading history and focusing on the journey. 

rally is unique as it offers both research and quantitative trading strategies as services to investors. As such, rally does not receive any compensation by the companies it covers.

Research Brief

The deliverable is a document that includes charts, technical analysis, news releases, and 

insider activities for the past 6 to 12 months

Weekly Forecast

To help monitor a stock price performance.  Daily prediction and confidence intervals .

Quant Kit

Customized trading strategies with back-test analysis on specifics stocks. 

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The services of rally are provided for informational and entertainment purposes only and are not a recommendation to buy or sell any security. Always thoroughly do your own due diligence and talk to a licensed investment adviser prior to making any investment decisions - rally cannot take responsibility for your investment decisions.


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