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YFI.V - Interference.

Edgewater Wireless (YFI.V) specializes in high-density WiFi applications. YFI.V's technology mitigates WiFi interference by enabling multiple, concurrent channels of transmit and receive from a single WiFi standards. The company manufactures its own chip set, radio and software.

The driver for YIF.V's growth in TAM is the proliferation of smart devices on a global scale. Left unaddressed, these will lead to congestion.

YFI.V's products are applicable to multiple industries: Cable ($500B), Enterprise ($5.4B), Stadium ($3B), and Multi-Dwelling Units. The specific targeted revenue source are: 1) High Density WiFi solutions, 2) OEM and Licensing, as well as, 3) Patent Monetization.

In the last 6 months, YFI.V has been very active.

Oct. 2 - Launches World's First High Density WiFi Stadium Powered by WiFi3 at the Wagener Stadium using Edgewater Wireless aera™ access points powered by WiFi3™. The project was lead by Optima Networks and TripleA Networks.

Oct. 12 - WiFi3 Chosen for Wireless Broadband Alliance (WBA) Accelerator. The Accelerator is designed to give select companies a platform to present to a seasoned panel of telecom industry specialists, investors, wireless experts and WBA Congress attendees.

Oct. 19 - Improving OFDM Packet Processing via the awarded U.S. Patent No. 9,722,849 from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). A patent continuation focused on tracking gain variation in Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM) systems.

Oct. 31 - Introduces aera(tm) WiFi Powered by WiFi3(tm) to China's Cable Industry. Selected as a finalist for the Cable Innovation Showcase at the ICTC Conference, which featured presentations to industry experts, technology leaders, and investors personally selected by Huasu’s Chairman.

Nov. 8 -Non-brokered Private Placement at $0.25 cents from $0.5M with Warrant at $0.375

Nov. 16 - Receives FCC Certification for Multi-channel WiFi Module ATX-EWC24GWFR1 - 2.4GHz WLAN Radio Card for High Density WiFi applications. The new WiFi3™ powered module is designed for high-density and high-interference WiFi applications in the 2.4GHz spectrum.

Nov. 19 - Close Announced (Nov. 8) Non-brokered Private Placement at $0.25 cents from $0.5M with Warrant at $0.375.

Nov. 21 - Integrate Galgus' Cognitive Hotspot Technology (CHT) into Edgewater Wireless multi-channel WiFI3 Access Points. Edgewater Wireless Access Points and OEM solutions will benefit by having CHT on board and optimize WiFi spectrum and increase and WiFi performance.

Nov. 28 - Build World's First Multi-channel WiFi Antennas with Galtronics. Galtronics - a subsidiary of Baylin Technologies (TSX: BYL), has recently completed production of the world's first antenna solution designed specifically for multi-channel WiFi products.

Dec. 20 - Non-Brokered Private Placement at $0.60 cent for $1M with Warrant at $0.75 cents. YFI.V is also pleased to announce that warrant holders ( July 2015, August 2016, and June 2017) have elected to exercise a total of 0.44M warrants or $0.17M to YFI's treasury.

Jan. 16 -Working With Kroger to Power Smart Retail Technology in Stores. Kroger's technologies to be enhanced by the WiFi3™ .

Jan. 31 - Edgewater Wireless Fortune 50 Customer Places $1.1 Million Order to supply WiFi3™ chipsets and radio cards for a major OEM customer.

Feb. 6 - Approved for trading on the OTCQB® Venture Market under the ticker symbol "KPIFF".

Feb. 20 - Establishes Technology Advisory Panel. Chaired by Founder Duane Anderson. Mr. Anderson to transition out of his role as CTO of Edgewater Wireless to lead the Advisory Panel and play a more strategic role for the company.

Feb. 27 - Strengthens Board With New Directors Mr. Steve Andrews -BT's Alumni and Technology Investor, Advisor and Non-Executive Director. He is currently a Board Advisor to Wireless Broadband Alliance (WBA) which formulates industry strategies for WiFi and related technologies.

As displayed by the chart, there were a number of catalysts responsible for the >2X valuation valuation namely: USTP Patent extension, FTC approval, Galgus CHT, and Galtronics Antenna. However, multiple insider sales (8 in 3 months) have fueled selling pressure. Not only did it dampen the momentum on Kroger's announcement, it also made the next three catalyst look bearish (i.e. F50 $1.1M contract, OTCBQ listing, and Echelon's note).

Currently the stock is oversold (29) and the MACD suggest that the sell cycle is diminishing. YFI.V has tested S1 ($0.305) earlier this month but we suspect that it is likely to consolidate at these levels. Currently, support on level 2 looks sturdy with a number of Anonymous orders on the bid.

Despite the negative trajectory, YFI.V has disruptive technology. Should it succeed, Echelon's target price for the year is $1.25 price. For now, YFI.V has to show the market that it can drive more revenue and minimize interference on its client networks and from itself. Below is our forecast for the week.

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