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DVR.CN - Flying low, aiming high.

Deveron UAS Corp. (DVR.CN) specializes in yield optimization for agriculture through the usage of drones to collect and analyze data.

We initiated official coverage on June 25th with a subsequent note on December 3. Since then, the following releases were issued.

Dec. 11 - Art Froehlich and David Sippell to the Advisory Board. Mr. Froehlich is a board member of Richardson International Limited and a strategic advisor and board member at AdFarm. Mr. Sippell has spent the past 30 years in agriculture as an entrepreneur, scientist and CEO.

Dec. 19 - CFO bought 25,000 shares at $0.30 cents.

Jan. 8 - Retained leading investor relations firm First Canadian Capital Corp; $6,000, for an initial term of 3 months + 300K options at $0.365 cents.

Jan. 17 - VGN.V bought 8,500 shares at $0.31 cents.

Feb. 23 - Completes $2.86M Private Placement to Expand Drone Data Network and Enters into Advisory Agreement with Gravitas Securities Inc.

It is non-brokered with Warrant at $0.50 cents. In addition, 0.5M of stock options have been granted for the agreement with Gravitas at $0.37 cents..

Mar. 22 - Completed a subsequent non-brokered private placement - issued 1,1M for gross proceeds of $0.4M - Warrant at $0.50 cents.

DVR.CN has been busy building its expertise and raising capital to grow their network. For anyone interested in the company, we suggest taking a look to the CEO's presentation to Gravitas which was successful in getting them onboard. DVR.CN's has an impressive knowledge of the vertical.

With even more resources and expertise, DVR.CN is focused on data collection which is a clever angle given the recent Gartner's hype cycle.

The emphasis on data collection is sensible because DVR.CN's first mover advantage in the vertical. Developing a network is not "sexy" but once this has been achieved, companies focused on machine learning will have to come to DVR.CN for quality data. DVR.CN will provide an economy of scale.

However, seasonality has affected trading activity of late. This is somewhat disappointing considering that DVR.CN hired an investor relations firm in January. Granted, DVR.CN has successfully raised about $3.3M, but the types of updates has led to very low trading volume. Until the volume picks up, this can bode well for patient investors, as there may be buying opportunities.

DVR.CN recent trajectory suggests a high growth potential. Current accumulation between R1 ($0.25) and R2 ($0.28) cents is excellent, given the recent developments. Insider activity along with the price of the warrant granted are also good indicators. DVR.CN might be flying low but it is aiming high.

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