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QPT.V - Drum roll.

Quest Pharma Tech Inc. (QPT.V) specializes in cancer and cosmetic therapies. QPT.V has five product lines - three for cancer and two for cosmetics.

QPT.V operates through five subsidiaries with different ownership stakes:

Cancer - OncoQuest - 55%, OncoVent - 11%, AmrutBio - 100%

Cosmetic -Mandeco - 80%, Bioceltran - 20%

Of all of the subsidiaries, OncoQuest, OncoVent, and Amrutbio are the primary product lines. Moreover, both OncoQuest and OncoVent are joint ventures with Shenzhen Hepalink Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd, a global company based in China, which has invested more than $19M.

We initiated coverage on last year (May 26). Since then following releases have been issued.

June 27 - OncoQuest appoints, Biotech Investment Banker, Mr. Hany Awadalla as SVP and CFO.

June 30 - Insider purchases; QPT.V's CFO buys 0.11M shares at $0.13 cents.

July 19 - Appointment of Mr. Mark Lievonen, to the Board of Directors

July 26 - First patient enrolled in OncoQuest's phase 1/2 study combining Oregovomab with Hiltonol® in recurrent ovarian cancer clinical trial is being conducted at the Cancer Institute in Orlando, Florida.

Aug. 11 - QPT'V's CEO reduced position from $4.3M to $1.3M on warrant but reportedly found a buyer for them.

Aug. 28 - Receives $1.6M of funding proceeds through exercise of warrants. Also announced AGM - [November 2, 2017 at 3:00 pm.

Oct. 26 - OncoQuest collaborates with TESARO, on a proof-of-concept clinical trial evaluating the combination of Oregovomab with ZEJULA® (niraparib). This will be the Third Phase 1/2 clinical study evaluating Oregovomab in combination with other drugs.

OncoQuest has two other trials in progress evaluating Oregovomab in combination with Nivolumab, a checkpoint inhibitor, and Hiltonol®, an investigational TLR3 agonist, respectively. OncoQuest recently presented positive interim clinical results for Oregovomab in combination with standard of care carboplatin paclitaxel chemotherapy in the front line ovarian cancer setting. The final relapse free survival and overall survival data from the Phase 2 study is being compiled and the final report is expected in the first half of 2018. Results to be presented to the regulatory authorities.

Oct. 6 - AGM and elected Board Members. Mr. Lievonen - Ex-President of President of Sanofi Pasteur Limited (Canada), Mr. Meekison CFO of Segra International Corp (Canabis) - Previously at ICO Therapeutics.

Nov. 7 - Attended International Meeting of European Society of Gynaecological Oncology (ESGO) 2017, held November 4 - 7 in Vienna, Austria to present Phase 2 Italian study results indicating significantly better relapse free survival (RFS).

Nov. 14 - OncoQuest announces presentation of pre-clinical data from its IgE Based Immunotherapy Platform Technology at the 32nd Annual Society for Immunotherapy of Cancer (SITC) - "Tumor Protective Effect of Anti-MUC1 IgE in Pancreatic Cancer".

Nov. 28 - 5M shares taken by Instinet, which amount to roughly a 2.5% ownership.

Dec. 1 - Instinet acquires close to 1M shares

Jan, 3 - Madenco Biosciences announces licensing agreement for Patented EGF Wound Healing Technology. This is a worldwide license agreement with Stanford University to develop and commercialize patented EGF wound healing technology in return for undisclosed upfront payments.

Also, 0.5M stock options to Directors and 0.8M to Officers - exercise price of $0.15.

Feb. 6 - OncoQuest completes US$6 M private placement. With financing led by a South Korean institutional fund. Under the private placement, the Company issued 0.6M shares at US$10.00 share. Proceeds to continue advancing its lead compound, Oregovomab, in its multiple Phase 2 combination clinical trials and for general corporate purposes.

Also, Hepalink USA, an existing shareholder, has agreed to convert all its preferred shares and accrued 5% preferred share dividends into common shares of OncoQuest. Hepalink USA will own 3,6M OncoQuest common shares and there will be a total of 9.2M OncoQuest common shares and no preferred shares outstanding.

In the past year, QPT.V has enhanced its team (Mr. Awadalla, Mr. Lievonen, and Mr. Meekison). In addition, it has advanced Oncoquest's clinical trials, presenting its findings at international conferences, as well as, enlisting Tesaro, Stanford University, and further investment from Hepalink USA.

As displayed on the chart, QPT.V's valuation seems to be gaining momentum of late. Both OncoQuest and Madeco most recent announcements were followed by significant investment and payments. Also, the latest rounds of stock options granted at $0.15 cents is also a good indicator.

While this is not the first occasion that the stock surged in the past year, Last Thursday, QPT.V hit a 52 week high ($0.175) breaking R2 ($0.16). In addition, six out of the last ten days displayed above average volume. We also know that the Phase 2 report for Oregovomab from OncoQuest is due in mid-2018.

Is this the precursor of a imminent breakout? Drum roll.

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