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QPT.V - Anticipation.

Quest Pharma Tech Inc. (QPT.V) specializes in cancer and pharmaceutical therapies. QPT.V operates five subsidiaries with different ownership stakes:

Cancer - OncoQuest (55%), OncoVent (11%), AmrutBio (100%).

Pharmaceuticals - Madenco (20%), Bioceltran (20%).

Both OncoQuest and OncoVent are joint ventures with Shenzhen Hepalink Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd, a global company based in China, which has invested more than $19M. We initiated coverage last year (May 2017) with a subsequent note on April 2018. Since then, the following releases have been issued.

May 14 - Dr. Eliel Bayever joins OncoQuest as Chief Medical Officer. "I look forward to leading potential registration. "The opportunity to help grow a company that has the possibility of altering the way in which cancer is treated is, as always, very compelling to an oncologist."

June 1 - Abstract describing use of Oregovomab in Pancreatic Cancer to be published in JCO as Part of ASCO 2018 Meeting.

"The data continues to support that oregovomab CIT can induce antigen specific T-cell responses in cancer patients that translate into clinical benefits. We are also continuing our study of oregovomab in both front line and recurrent ovarian cancer to identify combinations which result in demonstrable clinical benefit and will provide the basis for moving this promising treatment forward to registration."

OncoQuest also announces its recent addition to The Narwhal List of Canada's most financially attractive private tech and healthcare companies.

July 20 - Madenco Bioscience to drop Consumer Health Products and Focus on Pharmaceutical Product Development. The company will no longer promote the Bellus Skin line of skin care products. However, it will continue to develop nano-particle based SP Technology™ for trans-dermal delivery of drugs for pharmaceutical purposes. In line with this decision, the company has also negotiated a return of its $500,000 principal investment in Natural Rf Life Sciences Inc. Madenco will retain roughly the 20% equity interest in Bioceltran.

"We are currently focusing our efforts on wound healing and topical anesthetic applications." added Dr. Madiyalakan

In the last six months, there were few releases but each were of significance. In April, QPT.V went from $0.115 to $0.19 cents (52 week high). It then consolidated at this level for almost eight consecutive weeks. During that time, the appointment of Dr. Eliel Bayever coincided with large volume of that day (2.5M). In addition, the "Abstract" release sustained valuation. In fact, QPT.V maintained its value for more than five weeks after the latter. It is believed that the market was waiting for the Phase 2 report for Oregovomab which was due in mid-2018 and have not been made public to date.

The stock eventually started to decline despite the Madenco release. It also looks like there were some valuation test ran on both S1 and S2 pivot point on about three occasions. Just when valuation was getting interesting, today a rise from $0.13 to $0.17 cents which occurred on low volume.

QPT.V does suffers from low liquidity, but the awaiting of Oregovomab results seems to be highly anticipated.

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